Share Your Story with the New York Fed

Ten years ago, the New York Federal Reserve was at the center of a global financial crisis.


As signs of the market crash continued to mount, the New York Fed President worked with big Wall Street Banks behind closed doors, ultimately deciding to bail them out rather than standing with everyday people.



Fast forward to #10YearsAfter, and the Trump Administration says the economy is better, that we have bounced back, but this simply isn't true. While unemployment may have gone down, many of us are forced to work part-time, unstable & sporadic hours with low wages. 
Share your story of how the financial crash impacted your life. Share it now!  
As the NY Federal Reserve appoints a new President, we must demand this person represents and advocates for the everyday worker, not big banks. We cannot have another President who sides with the biggest banks in the country, letting them gamble with our livelihoods, rather than protecting us from their greed.