Tell the New York Fed: Appoint someone from our communities, not Wall Street

The New York Federal Reserve President is one of the most important positions in the economy. Right now, the New York Fed is in the process of choosing a new president, and they have announced that they will make a decision within the next few weeks.


Every single New York Fed President has been a white man who either came from Wall Street or went directly to Wall Street after leaving the position. Just ten years after the New York Fed’s lax approach to Wall Street helped cause the financial crisis, it is crucial that we don’t repeat this mistake.


The New York Fed must pick someone who has shown that they can stand up to Wall Street banks, that they’re committed to a full employment economy, and who represents all communities, including low-income communities of color.


Tell the New York Fed that you’re watching this decision, and you want to see someone who will fight for our communities chosen.